Conductive Anti-Fatigue

Anti-static MATS

Designed and essential for Electronics Work
Reflex Conductive Anti-Fatigue Mats

Ergonomic and Static-Dissipative: With a resilient sponge base and a molded domed surface for fatigue reduction while effectively dissipating static electricity in work environments.

Dual Functionality: Designed to reduce standing fatigue and protect sensitive electronic equipment from static damage.

Free Ground Cord Kit with Purchase For Immediate Set up and Use

Conductive Smooth Top Anti-Fatigue Mats

Durable and Static-Resistant: Built to last with its nitrile rubber material.

Ideal for High-Risk Areas: Essential static control in high voltage areas.

Sleek and Safe: The smooth top design is easy to clean, maintaining a safe and professional workspace.

Diamond Plate Conductive Anti-Fatigue Mat

Static Control and Comfort Combined: Not only diminishes static electricity to protect sensitive electronics but also significantly reduces fatigue with its 'Supreme Comfort' Nitricell sponge base.

Designed for Sensitive Environments: Perfect for areas with computers and microchip-containing devices that need extra protection.

Essential for Electronic Safety: A reliable choice for safeguarding against static damage.


Anti-static MATS

A Static-Safe Zone for Every Workspace
Anti-Stat Static Dissipative Matting

Workplace Safety Assured: Designed to dissipate static electricity and prevents accidental ignition of flammable chemicals.

Specialized Static Control: Essential for any workspace where employees' movement could pose a risk to sensitive devices or hazardous materials.

Prevent Data and Equipment Damage: Ensures static is safely drawn away from workers, safeguarding against costly data and equipment harm.

Airsoft Static Dissipative Matting

Advanced Static Protection for Modern Workspaces: Essential static dissipation for tech environments for the safety of sensitive equipment.

Comfort and Grounding Combined: Offers a unique blend of comfort and advanced grounding that's perfect for areas where innovation thrives.

Designed for High-Traffic Areas: Durable and built to last that withstands the demands of busy tech environments while consistently providing static protection over time.



Efficient Static Defense

Highly recommended as a strong defense against static in our workspace. It's a mat you can rely on.

Oliver K.
Verified Buyer

Static-Free Hero
These Anti-static Mats are the real deal! For a secure and static-free workspace.

Emma T.
Verified Buyer

Reliable Static Solution

These are the go-to for consistent static control in our electronic workplace. It's a mat that we can't work without.

Ava L.
Verified Buyer

Durable Static Defense

Used it during our long shifts and I can say that it is an essential static defense for safety and reliability.

Ethan M.
Verified Buyer

Essential Safety Mat
These mats are great for efficiently eliminating static, creating a more efficient and safe workplace.

Eric P.
Verified Buyer