Built for the long haul, our Anti-Fatigue Mats provide enduring comfort and support for welders.
Niru Cushion-Ease 650SFR Matting

Elevated Safety and Comfort: A high-performance anti-fatigue mat with interlocking system, drainage tops and anti-slip texture for safety and comfort.

Resilient and Chemical Resistant: Made from 100% nitrile rubber for exceptional resistance to chemicals, fluids, oils, and greases.

Versatile and Ergonomic Design: The large holes for excellent drainage and allows for custom configurations for a safe, trip-resistant platforms in any workspace.

Safe-Flex Anti-Fatigue Workstation Kit

Customizable Comfort for Any Workspace: Available in different sizes that offer unparalleled ergonomic benefits.

Advanced Ergonomic Support: Featuring Compression Flex Technology, these mats not only improve blood flow to reduce fatigue but also absorb shocks, reducing stress and enhancing comfort for standing workers.

Safe and Efficient Design: Crafted with 100% Recycled PVC, these Class 1 fire-resistant mats provide spark protection and feature an innovative versatile Interlock System for easy installation.

Reliable Traction and Durability

Ensure a stable and enduring foundation for any demanding workspace

tailor fit your Safety and Protection

Choose from a variety of kits and surfaces that's essential to your needs

Ergonomic and overall efficiency

Feature Compression Flex Technology, designed to deliver a healthier, safer work area and work efficiency



Welding Zone Hero

Needed these in our workshop when we are doing welding work. It's sturdy, heat-resistant, and reliable.

Blake T
Verified Buyer

Tough Mat for Welding Work

Tried and tested with our garage. Aside from our safety gear, it's a great addition as another level of protection from sparks and heat.

Casey M.
Verified Buyer

Safety Boost in the Welding Zone

Bought this as an additional safety feature to our work space. So far, it's a great buy!

Riley E
Verified Buyer

Makes Maintenance A Breeze

It's a smart investment for welders with how easy it is to assemble and clean.

Max O.
Verified Buyer

Security and Efficiency Combo

We wanted a winning combo of security and efficiency for our factory. Mat Supplier definitely helped us find the right mat.

Mason J.
Verified Buyer