Niru Cushion-Ease GSII Matting


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Niru Cushion-Ease GSII Anti-fatigue Matting outperforms the competition and perfoms best in harsh wet environments. Designed with 100% Nitrile rubber compound offers the highest degree of resistance to caustic chemicals, cutting fluids, oils, and grease and a Silicon Carbide grit surface features long-lasting traction. A large hole drainage system facilitates the removal of liquid and debris from the work area. These anti-fatigue mats are easy to snap together as they are compatible with the NoTrax® M.D. Ramp System for on-site custom configurations. GSII™ technology offers the ultimate in durability and performance in the harshest environments. These anti-fatigue mats have a silicon carbide grit surface which offers long lasting traction. These anti-fatigue mats consist of large hole drainage system that facilitates the removal of liquid and debris from the work area.
Niru Cushion-Ease GSII Mats include modular design. 

Material 100% Nitrile rubber compound
Sizes Available 3' x 3', 3' x 5'
Total Height 3/4"

These anti-fatigue mats are great for harsh wet environments where industrial chemicals, oils, and greases are commonly found.