Dura Flex 900 Rubber Boot Trays


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Dura Flex 900 Rubber Boot Trays

Dura Flex 900 Rubber Boot Trays are made of a durable rubber with a raised edge to contain mud, dirt, and water. These mats can also be used underneath plants, pet food dishes and litter trays to catch debris and protect surrounding floors.

Looking to contain water, snow, mud, soil and dirt around your entrance from dirty boots? Then the Dura Flex Boot Tray is the perfect solution to your needs.

These trays are also perfect for trapping messes from potted plants, pet food dishes, and capturing wayward kitty litter. Use the Dura Flex 900 for you muddy shoes and boots and keep clean and organized home.

Material 100% Rubber
Face Style Treaded
Edging Raised
Application Residential Homes
Total Height 25mm (1")