Pet Mats

Ensuring pet health and comfort while protecting your floors

premium MATS for pets

Our Pet Mat collection provides practical way to enhance both the cleanliness of your home and the comfort of your beloved pets.

Drip & Dry Kennel Mats
  • Shield your floors from scratches and scuffs with waterproof 100% vinyl.
  • Crafted for daily use, these mats withstand heavy kennels and active pets, maintaining top condition over time.
  • No-fuss cleaning with spot cleaning, vacuuming, or hosing down. Versatile fit under most crates and kennels.
Drip & Dry Pet Bowl Mat
  • Protects floors from spills, splashes, and scattered kibble during pet meals.
  • Wick-away fiber technology ensures fast liquid absorption and prevents moisture damage.
  • Creates a clean eating space, easy to clean, wipeable, and versatile for different placements.
New Pet Parent Kit
  • Safeguard your floors with a kit designed for new pet owners, providing complete coverage.
  • Clean with ease using soap and water, vacuum, or hose down. Suitable for various flooring types for a pet-friendly home.

    -Kennel Mat
    -Pet Bowl Mat
    -5' x 10' Play Mat