heated MATS

For consistent warmth and comfort indoors
Heated Floor Mats

Our heated floor mats provide a steady source of warmth, ensuring your floors remain comfortably warm, perfect for cold days and chilly environments.

  • Targeted heat for full-body comfort by not only warming your feet but also promoting blood circulation.
  • Made from heavy-duty rubber that are not only perfect for foot warming but also for drying shoes and boots.
  • Safe heating solution by minimizing the risk of fire and electric shock.
Cozy Toes Carpeted Foot Warmer
  • Efficient and cost-effective warmth that uses only 70 watts of electricity, a fraction of the 1500 watts used by typical space heaters.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency for indoor warmth by 99% compared to space heaters but also significantly reduces the cost and fire hazards associated with them.
  • Compact and portable heating solution with its compact 17.75" x 17.75" size, this foot warmer is not only easy to use under desks but also portable for use in any space where extra warmth is needed.
Heated Ergonomic Footrest
  • Dual functionality for comfort and warmth but also provides gentle radiant heat, perfect for keeping feet and legs warm at home or in the office
  • Customizable heating experience with two heat settings, an LED indicator for easy operation, and a safety switch to prevent overheating
  • Economical and portable warmth by consuming only 90 watts and an economical choice compared to traditional space heaters
Indoor Heated Mat
  • Efficient warmth for any indoor space by providing quick, efficient warmth, reaching up to 54°C (130°F) within just 5 minutes.
  • Health and comfort benefits with its ergonomic design and surface texture for a passive foot massage, enhancing posture and overall well-being.
  • Energy-saving and easy to use with an illuminated on/off switch and designed to use less energy than a light bulb, these mats are an economical heating solution, drawing only 80 to 240 watts.