Impressively Crafted

custom coir mats

Embrace eco-friendly living with our Coir Mats—thoughtfully sourced, durable, and available in custom sizes.

Enhance your space naturally with a touch of sustainability.

vinyl backed
High Density Coco Mats
  • Enhanced Stability:
    Packed with an extra 50% fiber in the same space, our High-Density mats offer increased stability.
  • Wheeled Traffic Access:
    Specifically designed to facilitate easy access for wheelchairs and carts entering your building.
  • Ideal for All Spaces:
    Perfect for areas where additional stability and support are essential.

Available in 6 Brilliant Colors
  • Eco-Chic Entry:
    An eco-friendly alternative, our Coco mats add a natural touch to any space.
  • Sustainably Crafted:
    Made by embedding coconut husk fibers into PVC, these mats use by-products, ensuring sustainability.
  • Effective and Absorbent:
    Proven dirt-busters, coir fiber mats keep spaces clean and safe, absorbing moisture efficiently.



Mat Supplier was awesome with sending me samples and with a quick turn around. I would definitely use them again.

Georgia H.
Verified Buyer

These mats work great and are definitely worth the cost. They are very durable

Jacco S.
Verified Buyer

Excellent product with great price! A better price than I could find online elsewhere.

Phuong N.
Verified Buyer

Our team of professionals ensure that our mats can be made to fit the exact dimensions of your entrance. An oversized or undersized mats at your entrance can ruin the look of an impressive building, but our custom sized mats give it the perfect bespoke look.

Since we make them locally, we get your custom mats delivered fast!