Diamond Plate Conductive Anti-Fatigue Mat with Ground Cord
Diamond Plate Conductive Anti-Fatigue Mat with Ground Cord

Diamond Plate Conductive Anti-Fatigue Mat with Ground Cord


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  • Alleviates standing fatigue while safeguarding sensitive electronics
  • Achieve unparalleled static dissipation
  • Ergonomic support for diverse environments

The Conductive Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Mat consume static electricity from workers before it can be passed on to sensitive equipment such as computers or any product with a computer chip. Designed to reduce standing worker fatigue, Diamond Plate Conductive Anti-Fatigue Mats have a Nitricell "Supreme Comfort" sponge base.  disperse electrical charges away from sensitive electrical equipment, preventing damage. For maximum effectiveness, ground the mat and keep the surface clean.

Resistivity: RTT & RTG: 500,000-10,000,000 Ohms

Required for use: Must be used in conjunction with grounding cord or heal grounder to function correctly. Items sold separately.

Comes in 9/16", and 1" thicknesses.

-1 Diamond Plate
-Ground cord (AA-107) 



Weight Ea. 9/16"

Weight Ea. 1"

2´ x 3´

9.0 lbs.

12.0 lbs.

3´ x 5´

23.0 lbs.

30.0 lbs


-Available in Lengths up to 75 Lin.Ft.


Wt. Lin. Ft. 9/16"

Price per Lin. Ft.

Wt. Lin. Ft. 1"

Price per Lin. Ft.


5.0 lbs.


6.0 lbs.



6.7 lbs.


8.0 lbs


72" Seamed

10.0 lbs.


12.0 lbs


96" Seamed

13.4 lbs.


16.0 lbs


Superior Static Safety and Comfort
Nitricell Sponge Base

Built with our Nitricell "Supreme Comfort" sponge base, it's crafted for the modern workspace to reduce standing fatigue.

Beyond comfort, it's your frontline defense, consuming static electricity and safeguarding sensitive equipment from potential harm.

Stay grounded and protect your electronics with our reliable Anti-Static Mats.

Designed to dissipate static electricity, our mats create a safe and secure environment in industrial and hazardous work environments.

Superior Conductivity and Comfort
Safeguarding Sensitive Spaces

With a resistivity range of RTT & RTG: 500,000-10,000,000 Ohms, its efficiency is unmatched.

This mat excels in its ability to dissipate static, shielding delicate equipment from unforeseen electrical threats ideal for:

✅ Computer server rooms
✅ Electronics assembly lines
✅ Data centers
✅ ESD-sensitive production areas
✅ Electronics repair and maintenance shops

Creating A Static-Free Workplace

Anti-Static Mats

With a durable design, keep your employees and equipment secure with our effective Anti-Static Mats, engineered to create a static-free workspace.

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