Conductive Smooth Top Anti-Fatigue Mats
Conductive Smooth Top Anti-Fatigue Mats

Conductive Smooth Top Anti-Fatigue Mats


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  • Protection against static disruptions – essential for data centers and electronics
  • Ensure comfort, making long hours on your feet feel shorter
  • Promise longevity, standing up to the daily demands of any workspace

Prevent the accumulation of static electricity by quickly draining it from operators and eliminate the hazards of data loss or the damaging of micro-circuitry equipment with Conductive Smooth Top Matting. 1/8" thick conductive smooth surface with a resilient closed cell polymeric sponge base. Your choice: 1/2" or 7/8" overall thickness with beveled edges.


Weight Ea. 1/2"

Weight Ea. 7/8"

2´ x 3´

9.0 lbs.

12.0 lbs.

3´ x 5´

23.0 lbs.

30.0 lbs



Wt. Lin. Ft. 1/2"

Wt. Lin. Ft. 7/8"


4.5 lbs.

6.0 lbs


6.0 lbs.

8.0 lbs

72" Seamed

9.0 lbs.

12.0 lbs

96" Seamed

12.0 lbs.

16.0 lbs

Draining Static for Safety
Closed-Cell Nitrile Rubber

Constructed with the premium closed-cell nitrile rubber, these mats ensure swift static drainage, protecting critical equipment and data.

Beyond just static defense, their unique material offers resilience and comfort for operators on their feet.

Stay grounded and protect your electronics with our reliable Anti-Static Mats.

Designed to dissipate static electricity, our mats create a safe and secure environment in industrial and hazardous work environments.

Productivity on Conductive Floors
Versatility in Static Defense

The Conductive Smooth Top Anti-Fatigue Mats define versatility in today's dynamic workplaces. From bustling electronics manufacturing facilities to the silent halls of data centers, these mats ensure static is kept in check.

Whether it's a research lab or an assembly line, our mats adapt, offering protection and relief which makes it ideal for the modern workspace like:

✅ Electronics Manufacturing Facilities
✅ Computer Server Rooms
✅ Research Laboratories
✅ Data Centers
✅ Assembly Lines

Creating A Static-Free Workplace

Anti-Static Mats

With a durable design, keep your employees and equipment secure with our effective Anti-Static Mats, engineered to create a static-free workspace.

See our mats Transforming These Floors and Workspaces

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