Airsoft Static Dissipative Matting


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Meticulously crafted with modern workspaces in mind, this matting offers the perfect blend of comfort and static protection. Its unique composition ensures swift dissipation of static, a boon for environments housing sensitive equipment. Designed for longevity, the mat promises consistent performance, guarding against static-related interruptions.

Perfect for tech-savvy spaces, Airsoft's matting stands as the shield between innovation and unwanted static. Dive into a world where comfort meets advanced grounding, all underfoot.

Airsoft Static Dissipative Matting comes in Grey color: Roll Sizes: 3 ft x 60 ft and 4 ft x 60 ft

Low to Mid 108 OHMS/sq. ft. Static Dissipative Rating. Product must be properly grounded. Use one ground cord (GRC000015) for every 15 sq. ft.

Material Vinyl (pvc) Foam
Solid Top
Edging Tapered
FMVSS 302 Flame Resistance – Pass Rating
Flammability: CPSC FF-170 – Pass Rating
Thickness 9.5 mm (3/8 in)
Total Weight 3.22 kg/m² (0.66 lb/ft²)


Tapered ends available for a minimal charge.

AAS250300 Airsoft Anti-Stat Pebbled 3 ft Grey $31.49/LNFT
AAS250400 Airsoft Anti-Stat Pebbled 4 ft Grey $41.99/LNFT

Custom Cut Sizes are available in 3 ft., 4 ft. widths