Clear Trax Vinyl Matting


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Clear Trax Vinyl Matting protects carpets from damage caused by debris and moisture. Its mini-spiked backing prevents the matting from shifting underfoot, which makes it excellent as temporary or permanent floor coverings in areas with high foot traffic. Clear Trax Matting is a durable heavy-duty clear PVC runner that protects carpet from debris and moisture in heavy traffic areas without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of the underlying carpet.

A ribbed top surface provides traction and is easy to sweep clean, while mini-spikes on the underside of the mat grips the carpet and minimizes mat movement. Clear Trax? is recommended for use on loop-pile carpeting. Clear Trax Matting has heavy duty clear PVC ribbed top runner which protects carpeting from the debris of foot traffic. Clear Trax Mats include mini-spiked underside clings to carpet to resist movement.

Material PVC Vinyl
Face Style Ribbed
Backing Mini-Spiked Vinyl
Application Carpet Covering in High Traffic Areas
Total Height 3mm (1/8")
Roll Length 18m (60')
Lenear Feet 27",36",48"


Please select the linear feet option to order a mat in a custom size.

  • 27" width - $10.99 per Linear Feet
  • 36" width - $20.99 per Linear Feet
  • 48" width - $27.99 per Linear Feet