WizKid Toilet Commode Mats


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Made to fit all sizes and styles of commodes in commercial restrooms. While proving the base of the toilet with full coverage, these disposable toilet mats are so uniquely designed that you’ll never have to stand on them.

The carefully crafted design works to capture rogue urine and toilet water that too often splatter around the toilet, causing slippery surfaces, foul odors, and flooring damage.

The anti-microbial material used to make these restroom mats ensures that any excess splashes are absorbed completely and dried quickly without leaving a strong odor in your restroom. which is achieved by stunning the growth and spread of bacteria. These toilet mats also incorporate polypropylene fibers in their design, allowing them to air dry any urine splashes that come in contact with the mat.

Excess water and urine on the floor create an environment that is unsafe and appalling to users. Not only does it create unwelcoming odor but can also cause slip and fall accidents. Keep it out of your restrooms.