WizKid Sink & Towel Mats


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The WizKid Sink & Towel mats for the sink and hand drying areas in restrooms.

Water that escapes form the sink can create slip and fall hazards as well as a breeding ground for bacteria.

These mats are created with powerful antimicrobial fibers that work tirelessly to prevent the growth and spreading of bacteria, resulting in an inviting bathroom environment.

WizKid bathroom sink mats also have polypropylene fibers that allow water to air dry and a fast rate. However, instead of retaining the water they come in contact with, these mats actually suspend it, enabling the water to air dry much faster and always leaving the surface of the mat dry to the touch.

With these fast-acting fibers, you’ll never have to worry about stepping on a saturated mat. In addition to its fast-drying properties, the WizKid Sink/Towel Mat will neutralize any odor-causing enzymes, so you can rest easy knowing that your restroom will never emit the odors of mold or mildew and will always boast peak freshness.