Welcome to Our Patch Personalized Doormat
Welcome to Our Patch Personalized Doormat

Welcome to Our Patch Personalized Doormat


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Our timeless Family Doormats have complete customization. Choose your backing, size, and what text you want to add! There are thousands of variations.

Now you can take your doormat one step further by printing your very own custom text or name right in the middle to add a touch of luxury to your entrance.

Our mats come in two quality options. The thick premium handwoven coco doormats are the best of the bunch, pack the most amount of coco fibre in a tightly handwoven shape. These mats are made by taking eco friendly coconut husk fibres and hand weaving them together, making each mat one of a kind. These sustainably produced mats pack twice the amount of fabric as the BR quality mats into the same space, making them dense and luxurious.

Mats are also available vinyl backed. The ultra thin and modern version of our coco doormats are made by embedding the eco-friendly coco fibers into a PVC vinyl backing. The vinyl backing also provides an added level of skid resistance and prevents water from leaking through to the bottom.

These eco friendly coco doormats with your personalized text are printed with your custom text or name.

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