WaterHog Forklift Mats
WaterHog Forklift Mats
WaterHog Forklift Mats
WaterHog Forklift Mats
WaterHog Forklift Mats
WaterHog Forklift Mats
WaterHog Forklift Mats

WaterHog Forklift Mats

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Waterhog forklift mats feature a bi-level surface that effectively removes moisture and dirt from forklift wheels to improve forklift safety. They are ideal for use in areas where forklifts enter and exit buildings.

These modular mats are easy to install and are scalable to any application. The aggressive adhesive taping system keeps tiles from moving around. The polypropylene carpet surface is easy to clean and fast drying. A durable rubber backing and polypropylene carpet top can withstand forklift traffic up to 14,000 lbs. Perfect for all buildings where forklifts must enter and exit a building to and from the outside.

Note: WaterHog Forklift mats should be installed with double-sided tape (not included)

*Please note, mat sizes are approximate as rubber shrinks and expands in conjunction with temperature and time. The tolerable manufacturing size variance is 3-5%. 


 Material: Solution-dyed PET
Weight: 24 ounces/yard2
Construction: Needle-punched
Design Circles



  Material: SBR rubber - smooth
Thickness: 100-mil



  • Passes DOC-FF1-70 for the surface flammability of carpets


The attractive raised rubber-reinforced face patterns of Waterhog mats trap dirt and water, keeping them off carpets and floors. These products are perfect for most applications inside or out. • For best results, utilize the cleaning method shown below 1. Vacuum regularly/daily in high traffic applications, weekly in lower traffic 2. applications. 3. Extract, clean or hose off as needed to remove heavy soil. 4. Hang mats to dry. 5. Mats should be dry before placing back in service

    Mats & Tiles

    Made with a unique bi-level design that traps dirt and moisture, keeping your floors clean, dry, and safe.
    Stylish and Functional

    The unique bi-level surface scrapes dirt and moisture from shoes, trapping it beneath shoe level to prevent tracking

    Innovative Structure

    Rubber reinforcements in key areas prevent
    pile from crushing. Furthermore, a water dam border keeps water and dirt in the base of the mat. This makes for an extremely durable and high-performing mat.


    PET fabric (30 ounces/square yard) is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic from drink bottles, and SBR rubber backing contains 20% recycled rubber from car tires.

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