Warmup Ultralight Insulation Board
Warmup Ultralight Insulation Board
Warmup Ultralight Insulation Board

Warmup Ultralight Insulation Board


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Ultralight™ is a specialized composite board designed for floor heating applications. Manufactured as flat, flexible, sheets they are water and mold resistant. The top surface incorporates a heat-spreading aluminum layer combined with non-woven fleece.

The core of PEF insulation provides thermal separation from the floor beneath, ensuring a rapid thermal response of a heated layer of tiles or leveling compound above.

The rapid thermal response promoted by the PEF insulation and diffusion layer allows the flooring to heat up faster, resulting in a more energy-efficient and comfortable heated floor.

The base layer of non-woven fleece functions as a high-performance anti-fracture membrane for tile and stone floor coverings. It also facilitates a high-strength mechanical bond.

The heat spreading aluminum layer improves comfort and reduces running costs. This enabled the floor to achieve the same comfort temperature with 12% less energy.

PEF insulation layer reduces heat up times by 76 minutes on slabs and reduces energy used during heat up by 69%

Decoupling fleece layer provides high performance protection against tiles cracking due to lateral subfloor movement in accordance with ANSI A118.12 standard

Warmup Ultralight is tested and rated for its acoustic performance by Intertek Building & Construction in accordance with ISO 10140-2, ISO 10140-3, ASTM E90 and ASTM E492 . Results obtained are tested values and were obtained by using the designated test methods in test chambers that satisfy the lab requirements specified in ISO 10140-5. See page 4 for detailed information

Ultralight weighs just over 2lbs per board making it much lighter and easier to carry than standard cement-based tile insulation and backer boards and is more durable due to the high strength composite design meaning it wont break if bent or dropped

Ultralight achieved Heavy Commercial rating when used with large format tiles (600 mm x 600 mm) and Light Commercial rating when used with standard tiles (300 mm x 300 mm), in accordance with ATSM-C627 (Robinson Test)

The lightweight composite design makes it easier to cut curves and complex shapes, compared with cement-based tile insulation and backer boards and will not dull knife blades

Ultralight will not crumble, dent, or create dust when cutting or kneeling on the boards which means no dust to clean or breathe in during installation

Technical Specifications

 Pack Size 1 board / 1 Box (minimum of 5 per order)

Non-Woven Fleece Aluminium 
Heat Spreading Aluminum
220KPA Insulation
Decoupling Non-woven Fleece

Thickness 1/4” (6 mm)
± 0.3mm
Dimensions 24“ W (610 mm) x 48” L (1219 mm)
±1/4” (6mm
Area 8 sqft (0.75m²)
Weight of Board 1.43lb (0.86kg)
Thermal Resistance 0.630 °F·ft²·h/BTU (0.111 m²K/W)
Thermal Conductivity 0.031 BTU/°F·ft·h (0.054 W/mK)
Release of Dangerous Substances SVHC ≤ 0.1% w/w
Compressive Strength, 10% Compression 32 psi (220 kPa)
Point Loading, tiled ≥ 500 lbf (≥ 2.2 kN)
Robinson test, 100-199 mm tile Domestic
Robinson test, 200-599 mm tile Light Commercial
Robinson test, > 600 mm tile Heavy Commercial
7-Day Shear Strength 113 psi (780 kPa)
Crack Resistance (Anti-Fracture/Decoupling) > 1/8” => High Performance
Long Term Water Absorption 0.052% w/w
Water Vapor Permeability 9.12 mg/m2 h
Mold Growth Does not support mold growth
Reaction to Fire Euroclass E

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