Vegas Heel Proof Salon Mats (with Square Cut Out)


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  • Easily fits both styling stations and reception areas
  • Offers unmatched puncture resistance and durability
  • Thick cushioning ensures all-day relief for professionals
Vegas Heel Proof Salon Mats (with Square Cut Out)
Vegas Heel Proof Salon Mats (with Square Cut Out)
Vegas Heel Proof Salon Mats (with Square Cut Out)
Vegas Heel Proof Salon Mats (with Square Cut Out)

Discover the Vegas Heel Proof Salon Mats: the perfect blend of style and strength. Made with top-tier polymeric vinyl, they feature a sleek black satin finish. More than just appealing, their 3/16” thickness guards against punctures while offering optimal comfort. Designed for busy salons, these mats balance durability with aesthetic appeal.

Choose between two variants: a 9/16″ single sponge or a 1″ double sponge.

Material Premium Polymeric Vinyl
Face Style Black Satin Finish
Application Commercial
Sizes Available 3' x 5' and 4' x 5'
Shape and Type
Rectangle and Semi-Circle
Thickness 9/16" Single Sponge or 1" Double Sponge

Puncture-Resistant Elegance
Top-Tier Polymeric Vinyl

Experience our Vegas Heel Proof Salon Mats made with top-tier polymeric vinyl, offering both style and strength. The sleek black satin finish looks great in any salon.

Thanks to the 3/16” thickness, they stand up to heavy use without punctures while still looking great and stylish.

Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality as these mats elevate your salon's ambiance while ensuring the utmost comfort.

From Stations to Reception
Perfect Fit for Any Salon

Discover the versatility of our Vegas Heel Proof Salon Mats with Square Cut Out. Designed for adaptability, they seamlessly fit any salon layout, whether by the styling stations or the reception.

Their unique design allows them to snugly fit into any space, ensuring no area is left unprotected.

✅ Hair salons
✅ Nail spas
✅ Barber shops
✅ Beauty academies
✅ Makeup studios

Stand in style, work with ease

Salon Mats

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