V-Groove Corrugated Vinyl Runner Matting


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Discover the ultimate floor safety solution with our V-Groove Corrugated Vinyl Runner Matting. Designed for heavy-duty use, this matting features a distinctive rib-tooth pattern that significantly enhances traction, ensuring a safer walking surface in high-traffic areas. Its unique composition not only insulates against cold flooring, providing a warmer work environment, but also reduces noise over hard surfaces, making it ideal for industrial settings. The low-profile design facilitates easy cart access, eliminating trip hazards for seamless movement throughout your space. Crafted from 100% recycled vinyl, this mat is eco-friendly, oil, grease, and chemical resistant, and meets the Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #302 for flame resistance. Optimize your workspace's safety and comfort with this durable, versatile, and environmentally conscious matting solution.
Sizes Available 2' x 105', 3' x 105', 4' x 105'
Custom Sizes Available in 2', 3', and 4' widths (up to 105')
Total Height 1/8"
Total Weight 0.80 lbs/sq. ft.
The V-Groove Corrugated Vinyl Runner Mats are excellent for Applications where safety and slip protection is needed with minimal anti-fatigue value such as:
  • aisle ways
  • warehouses
  • vending areas