Ultra Tuft Carpet Entrance Mats
Ultra Tuft Carpet Entrance Mats
Ultra Tuft Carpet Entrance Mats

Ultra Tuft Carpet Entrance Mats


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Ultra Tuft Entrance Mats are constructed with blended synthetic fibres combined with a PVC vinyl backing to wick away moisture and hide collected dirt. These elegant mats are ideal for indoor secondary entrances within high-end commercial spaces.

Ultra Tuft Entrance Mats are a premium matting used for secondary entrance ways which is faced with nylon fibres that wick away moisture from the underneath shoes. These fibres have a soft, luxurious feeling underfoot, giving users a sense of homelike comfort. These mats have a low profile, producing an easy transition from floor to mat. Ultra Tuft mats are best suited to indoor areas with moderate traffic.

Ultra Tuft Entrance Mats are made from super absorbent nylon fibres which trap dust, debris and moisture close to their PVC backing, making the particles virtually invisible. As moisture is absorbed, the mats’ uncut looped yarns allow it to evaporate slowly so that the mat remains dry over time. Maintaining these mats is easy, while their fibres trap dirt, they also make cleaning the mats with a vacuum relatively effortless.

Custom sizes mats are produced according to the dimensions provided. If edging is selected as yes, the edging will be incorporated in the size provided. If no edging is selected, the mat will be cut to the exact size provided.

Please note that due to contraction and expansion of material with temperatures, there may be a variance of up to 1 inch.

All Standard size mats are produced with edging.

Material 100% Polyamide (Nylon) Yarn
Construction Frisé (Looped Yarns)
Face Style Uniform Pattern
Face Fibre Soft Yarns
Backing PVC Vinyl
Edging Vinyl Ramp
Application Indoor Areas with Moderate Traffic
Custom Sizes Available
Total Height 7mm (9/32")
Total Weight 0.57 lb/ft²
Roll Length 20m (65')


  •  Ideal for indoor commercial secondary entrances with moderate traffic
  •  Hotels
  •  Retail Locations
  •  Private Residences
  •  Small offices
  •  Residential buildings


This durable matting is constructed with a PVC vinyl backing which allows us to cut the mats to the exact size that you need. Custom sized mats can be ordered online in linear feet as shown above. Or you can contact us at sales@canadamats.ca with your requirements.

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