Taishan Competition Judo Mats
Taishan Competition Judo Mats
Taishan Competition Judo Mats

Taishan Competition Judo Mats


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  • Join multiple mats with seaming tape to cover larger areas
  • Custom logos and designs are available. Please contact us
  • Made for competition level durability

The Taishan Judo mats are world-renowned for their quality and are the perfect mat for competition level judo.

*Taishan Judo Mats are only available via special orders with a minimum quantity of 30 mats. Please contact us for more details.

These martial art/Judo mats are specifically designed to both provide footing during grappling/striking sports along with providing protection against injuries resulting from slams, takedowns, and falls.

The unique construction of these mats features the following layers:

  1. The mat is wrapped in Polyvinyl Chloride leather with a rice patter surface which allows for a firm footing and easy movement along with the mat for the athlete.
  2. A high Quality compressed sponge layer, featuring a high grade absorbing effect yet are firm enough to not disturb the footing, helping in prevention against ankle and wrist injuries)
  3. A middle Fiberboard layer to prevent deforming from expansion and contraction from the constant falls.
  4. A bottom layer of XPE Foam (Crosslinked polyethylene) that provide optimal cushioning to absorb the effects of a takedown and distribute the weight evenly.
  5. An Anti-slip layer under the mat to prevent it from moving around.

The competition Judo mats are 5 cm thick (2”) and available in a Red or Yellow Color.

The Standard Size for the Taishan Competition Judo Mats is 1m x 2m ( ~ 3' x 6')

Please contact us via email us at sales@canadamats.ca for quotes on custom sizes, density, or thickness on the judo mats.

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Custom sizes by the foot are also available. If you'd like to order a custom size please call us at1-866-362-2053 or email us at sales@canadamats.ca

Our martial arts mats are joined together using mat tape, with two different options available: clear reusable mat tape, or seam-free semi-permanent vinyl tape. We do not offer a tapeless mat options at this time.

Yes, each roll comes with one nylon & plastic buckle strap for easy storage. Additional straps are available for purchase.

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