Switchboard Dielectric Matting
Switchboard Dielectric Matting
Switchboard Dielectric Matting

Switchboard Dielectric Matting


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  • Expertly designed to insulate and protect workers from electrical shock
  • Resistant to ozone, flame and oil ensuring reliability in industrial settings
  • Crucial to any workspace focused on electrical safety and accident prevention
Switchboard Dielectric Anti-fatigue Matting is designed to protect and insulate workers in high voltage areas and used to reduce shock around high-voltage equipment. It comes in black color and is ozone, flame and oil resistant.
Our Switchboard Dielectric Matting with its insulating Nitrile Rubber/PVC matting has been specifically engineered to protect workers against electrical shock when working around high voltage apparatus within product specifications. Keep your workers safe and your workspace accident free.
Material Vinyl
Face Style Fine Rib
Application Industrial - Insulative
Sizes Available Roll Sizes - 2', 3' & 4 ft - Roll Length: 75'
Custom Sizes Available



Custom Cut Sizes are available in 2 ft., 3 ft., 4 ft. widths

Switchboard 2 ft Class II Black 1/4"


Switchboard 3 ft Class II Black 1/4"


Switchboard 4 ft Class II Black 1/4"


Switchboard 3 ft Class III Black 3/8"


Defense Against Electric Surprises
Voltage-Ready Vinyl Mat

Specifically engineered for high-voltage areas, this mat not only shields workers from electrical shocks but also boasts resistance to ozone, flames, and oil.

Ensuring a workspace that's both accident-free and comfortable, it's a testament to innovation meeting necessity.

Stay grounded and protect your electronics with our reliable Anti-Static Mats.

Designed to dissipate static electricity, our mats create a safe and secure environment in industrial and hazardous work environments.

Essential Mat for Shock Prevention
Powering Safety in High-Voltage Areas

Crafted with top-tier insulating materials, it's not just a mat—it's a life-saving barrier against electrical shocks.

Easy to deploy and maintain, it's the go-to solution for spaces where electrical safety is paramount such as:

✅ Electrical substation areas
✅ Control rooms for electrical equipment
✅ Near high-voltage machinery
✅ Assembly lines handling electrical devices
✅ Transformer rooms

Creating A Static-Free Workplace

Anti-Static Mats

With a durable design, keep your employees and equipment secure with our effective Anti-Static Mats, engineered to create a static-free workspace.

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