Stand Easy Matting
Stand Easy Matting

Stand Easy Matting


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  • With interlocking system makes it an excellent choice for building custom work areas
  • Solid top surface is easy to keep clean
  • With a versatile solution that offers superior traction and slip resistance

A versatile anti-fatigue matting, the Stand Easy is the perfect solution you can invest in to create a safe, clean, comfortable and fatigue free industrial workspace for your employees. Available in modular interlocking pieces, the Stand Easy is ideal if you are looking for matting that will cover custom work areas. Made from Natural and Recycled Rubber, Stand Easy is eco-friendly with a recycled content of 20%. This mat is also recyclable after its product life. Provides superior traction and is slip resistant.  Ideal matting for heavy duty anti-fatigue requirements

Material Rubber
Face Style Solid Top/Open Top
Edging Yes - Add On
Application Commercial - Medium to Heavy Application
Sizes Available 3' x 3' per Modular Tile
Total Height 5/8"
Total Weight 20 lbs (Solid Top); 15 lbs (Open Top)


Eco-Conscious Mat
Recycled Rubber Material

Introducing Stand Easy Anti-Fatigue Matting, the versatile solution for creating a safe, clean, and comfortable industrial workspace. Its modular interlocking design allows you to cover custom work areas with ease.

Crafted from Natural and Recycled Rubber, this eco-friendly mat has 20% recycled content and is recyclable after use.

Our anti-fatigue mats have ergonomic design and shock-absorbing properties that promote better posture and circulation, leading to improved well-being and reduced risk of workplace injuries.

Green Flooring Solution
Sustainable for Work Spaces

With their slip-resistant surface and shock-absorbing properties, our recycled rubber mats ensure safety and reduce fatigue, enhancing productivity and overall well-being in the workplace.

✅ Gyms and Fitness Centers
✅ Garage and Workshop Floors
✅ Sports and Recreation Areas
✅ Outdoor Walkways and Pathways
✅ Industrial Workstations

Boosting Comfort and Productivity

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Engineered with premium materials for long-lasting performance, ensuring you and your employees stay energized and focused throughout the day.

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