Rolled Rubber Flooring


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Proudly made in the USA, Rolled Rubber flooring is the ultimate versatile, hard wearing flooring option designed for indoor applications that require resilience, sound absorption, spike resistance and traction.

This product is commonly used in fitness centers, schools and healthcare facilities.  Within the equine market, rolls are used to provide cushioning in animal trailers are also used for dog agility courses and pet daycare centers within the canine market.  The transportation industry commonly used this product as an anti-skid cargo containment surfacing creating a safer environment for workers, as well as the cargo.

The potential uses for rolled rubber are virtually endless.   All Rolled Rubber products contain 90% recycled material and are made in the USA.  We back them with an industry leading Limited Warranty.

Estimated lead time for this product is 15-16 weeks.

Shore Hardness D-2240
65 +/- 5
Density D-792 60
Elongation (At Break) D-412 95% - 120%
Tensile Strength D-412  260 - 340 PSI
Compression Set D-395 - 4.8%
Voc Emissions D-5116 0.5 mg/m2 or less
Resistance to Chemicals F-925-02 No Change
Static Load Limit F-970 Passes, 150 psi
Die- C Tear D-624 80 Min
Surface Flammability D-2859 Pass
Coefficient of Friction D-1894-95 >0.8


Rolled Rubber is ideal for high-wear and high impact spaces that require maximum subfloor protection. Common applications include:

  • Fitness centres
  • Health clubs
  • Home gyms
  • Horse trailers
  • Doggy daycare centres
  • Dog agility training centres
  • Basement floors
  • Transportation cargo surfacing