Reflex Salon Mats (with Square Cut Out)


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  • Aesthetically appealing and easy to clean for high-traffic salons
  • Seamless integration around salon chairs for enhanced functionality
  • Durability that withstands heels, cart traffic, and daily wear
Reflex Salon Mats (with Square Cut Out)
Reflex Salon Mats (with Square Cut Out)
Reflex Salon Mats (with Square Cut Out)
Reflex Salon Mats (with Square Cut Out)
Reflex Salon Mats (with Square Cut Out)
Reflex Salon Mats (with Square Cut Out)

Crafted from non-porous vinyl, our Reflex Salon Mats with Square Cut Out boast a high-gloss finish that's not just chic but also thrice as resistant to abrasions. Ideal for salons, these mats deliver cushioned comfort while ensuring durability against heels and cart traffic.

Boasting a high-gloss pebble finish, these non-porous vinyl mats not only elevate the aesthetics of your workspace but are built to last. They’re thick enough to resist punctures from heels, endure cart traffic, and withstand occasional spills.

Material Polymeric Sponge Base
Face Style Solid Domed Reflex Surface
Application Commercial Salons
Type and Shape Rectangle, Circle
Thickness 9/16", 1"
Beauty that Resists Wear and Tear
Made with Non-Porous Vinyl

Crafted from high-gloss, non-porous vinyl, these mats not only exude sophistication but also stand the test of daily salon traffic.

Designed specifically for salon professionals, the resilient rebound offers unbeatable comfort during prolonged standing.

Our Reflex Salon Mats deliver both beauty and unbeatable comfort, tailored for the modern salon.

Sleek Comfort for Service Stations
Perfect Fit for Beauty Hubs

Crafted specifically for the demanding environments of beauty hubs, these mats incorporate a high-gloss, non-porous vinyl surface ensuring a spill-resistant and easy-to-clean workspace.

Beyond aesthetics, the resilience of these mats helps professionals stand comfortably for prolonged periods.

✅ Hair styling stations
✅ Barber shops
✅ Makeup artist booths
✅ Spa treatment rooms
✅ Manicure and pedicure stations

Stand in style, work with ease

Salon Mats

Crafted for elegance, built for endurance. Elevate your salon experience with our Reflex Mats.


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