Red Barn Classic Horse Stall Mats


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Estimated Ship Date: 27 April 2024 - 4 May 2024

Comfort, traction, and urine/odor management are of utmost importance in the stall. Red Barn® stall mats are engineered to provide the best performance and durability in all of these areas. Featuring the heritage flat top and bottom, which is completely non-absorbent for maximum performance and life.
100% Recycled Vulcanized Rubber.


  • Flat top surface for optimum traction & easy maintenance

  • Flat bottom minimizes urine accumulation

  • Slip-resistant rubber compound

  • Ultra-durable

  • Easy to Install

  • Backed by a 15 year warranty

Construction: 100% recycled vulcanized rubber

Thickness: 3/4"
Surface Texture: Flat top, flat bottom

Size Weight
4' x 6' 100 lbs
10' x 10' Interlocking 462 lbs/kit
10x 12'
490 lbs/kit
12' x 12'
588 lbs/kit

Tools Needed: Utility Knife / White Chalk / Square or other Strait Edge / Tape Measure


1. Clean stall thoroughly. If the stall has a soft base, make it as level as possible. This will ensure that the mats will lie flat and make for easy cleaning.
2. Place the required mats in the alleyway outside each stall.
3. Measure the stall and decide on the best fitting pattern for the stall. Bring the mats in one at a time, beginning with the mats that require little or no cutting.
4. Measure the uncovered area, mark the desired mat with chalk and cut to fit using the utility knife and straight edge as a cutting guide