Niru Knob-Top Runner Matting


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Made from a 100% Nitrile rubber compound, Niru Knob-Top Runner Matting is designed to withstand harsh chemicals, greases, oils, and animal fats while creating a slip resistant work surface. A solid top surface that allows for cart traffic to easily pass over the mat. Manufactured with MicroStopanti-microbial rubber compound.
Niru Knob-Top Runner Matting has ribbed underside to enhance anti-fatigue value and channels liquid away from the mat. Niru Knob-Top Runner Matting is low profile for easy cart access. Niru Knob-Top Runner Mats are manufactured with MicroStopanti-microbial rubber compound that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi to provide a cleaner and healthier work environment. Niru Knob-Top Runner Mats are made from a durable grease-proof 100% Nitrile rubber compound.
    Material Made from a 100% Nitrile rubber compound
    Sizes Available Stock sizes: 2' x 3', 3' x 4' Roll sizes: 2' x 60', 4' x 60'
    Custom Sizes Available in 2', 3' and 4' widths (up to 60')
    Total Height 1/4"
    Lenear Feet 2',3',4'

    Niru Knob-Top Runner Mats are ideal for:

    • flexible configurations
    • exposure to grease
    • oils and chemicals
    • anti-fatigue
    • anti-slip properties

    Please select the linear feet option to order a mat in a custom size.

    • 2’ width - $32.99 per Linear Feet
    • 3’ width - $48.99 per Linear Feet
    • 4’ width - $64.99 per Linear Feet