Media Mat

Media 23-R

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  • Display your brand with photo-quality graphics that leave a lasting impact
  • With a clear laminate surface that is easy to clean
  • Make a statement while keeping your space clean and visually appealing
Media Mat
Media Mat
Media Mat
Media Mat

1. Eye-catching promotional material
2. Display message and brand with photo quality
3. Clear laminate for an easy to clean surface
4. All-rubber construction for excellent durability
5. Abrasion-resistant surface
6. Great for short term or mobile events and displays
7. No adhesive required allows the Media Mat to be very maneuverable
8. Available in smooth or textured backing

• Displays
• Checkout counters – in front or even on top
• Customer service counters
• Trade shows
• Offices
• Convenience stores
• Any surface you want your logo or message to be seen!

* Additional sizes available upon request (up to 10’ long)*

Media Mat Care Instructions
Premium Grade Material
High-Quality Rubber

Upgrade your space with our high-quality rubber mats crafted from premium-grade material. Designed for durability and performance, these mats offer exceptional functionality in various applications.

The premium rubber construction ensures reliable traction, slip resistance, and resilience, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

Cost-Effective Mat for Any Space
Vibrant Designs on a Budget

Our custom mats offer vibrant designs and intricate details without breaking the bank. Whether you need captivating logos, stunning graphics, or eye-catching colors, our budget-friendly options have got you covered.

✅ Shopping malls
✅ Museums
✅ Entertainment venues
✅ Convention centers
✅ Outdoor areas

Custom Printed Mat
Make a Statement

Our professionals deliver custom-printed mats that make your brand stand out. With versatile branding solutions, we create mats to represent your brand image and fit your exact dimensions.

Enhance your space with our professional and eye-catching custom-printed mats.

Endless Design Possibilities

Choose from our custom logo mats that allow you to showcase your brand in style.

With our wide range of options, you can choose between inlaid or printed mats to create the perfect look for your business.

More samples to visualize your brand

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