Marbleized Salon Mat (with Square Cut Out)


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  • Alleviate foot fatigue while enhancing salon aesthetics
  • Easily repels hair products, ensuring a longer mat life
  • Built to withstand the busiest beauty hubs
Marbleized Salon Mat (with Square Cut Out)
Marbleized Salon Mat (with Square Cut Out)
Marbleized Salon Mat (with Square Cut Out)
Marbleized Salon Mat (with Square Cut Out)
Marbleized Salon Mat (with Square Cut Out)

Experience the blend of luxury and comfort with our Marbleized Salon Mat. Designed with a closed-cell polymeric sponge base, this mat not only offers ergonomic relief to professionals but adds a touch of elegance to any salon setting. Its durability and easy maintenance make it the ideal choice for high-traffic beauty hubs.

This mat demonstrates excellent resistance to many hair-care products. The smooth surface is very easy to clean and hair clipping do not cling due to the low static formulation,

Available in two (2) thicknesses, 1/2” & 7/8”.

Material Closed-Cell Polymeric Sponge Base
Face Style High-gloss Finish
Application Commercial Salons
Type and Shape Rectangle, Semi-Circle
Thickness 1/2" and 7/8"

Top-Grade Material for Salons
Premium Polymeric Sponge Base

Our Premium Polymeric Sponge Base offers both style and durability for salons. The Marbleized Salon Mat with Square Cut Out seamlessly blends elegance with function.

The closed-cell construction guarantees lasting durability, especially essential for bustling beauty hubs. Its resistance to common hair-care products makes it a practical choice for professionals.

Our mat seamlessly marries durability and style, making it an essential for top-tier salons.

Backbone of Salon Support
Complete Salon Floor Care

Every salon requires a foundation that supports its bustling environment, and our Marbleized Salon Mat with Square Cut Out is just that. Crafted to serve as the backbone of salon support, it effortlessly fuses luxury with function.

✅ Hair Styling Stations
✅ Shampoo and Wash Stations
✅ Manicure and Pedicure Areas
✅ Reception and Waiting Areas
✅ Barber Shops

Experience a mat that caters to professionals, relieving strain and fatigue throughout even the busiest days.

Stand in style, work with ease

Salon Mats

Experience the ultimate fusion of luxury and support with our Marbleized Salon Mat – the perfect complement to every high-end salon setting.


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