Heavy Duty Anti-Fatigue Mats
Heavy Duty Anti-Fatigue Mats

Heavy Duty Anti-Fatigue Mats


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  • Puncture proof surface material
  • Withstands the most rigorous commercial environments
  • Ideal for commercial workstations with chairs on coasters and popular for assembly lines

The Heavy Duty Anti-fatigue Mats are made with a cushioned sponge inner and waterproof polymeric surface, making them extremely durable. These puncture resistant mats are ideal for commercial workstations where chair with coasters are used. HDT Anti-fatigue Mats have become very popular as they have been especially designed for assembly lines where chairs with coasters are used.

Material Polymeric Inner and Outer
Construction Bonded
Face Style Smooth
Edging Beveled
Application Indoor Workstations
Total Height 13mm (1/2") and 22mm (7/8")
Roll Length 23m (75')
Lenear Feet 2 (1/2" Thick),2 (7/8" Thick),3 (1/2" Thick),3 (7/8" Thick),4 (1/2" Thick),4 (7/8" Thick),6 (1/2" Thick),6 (7/8" Thick)
Waterproof and Durable Design

These puncture-resistant mats are extremely durable, thanks to their cushioned sponge inner and waterproof polymeric surface.

The waterproof and durable design ensures long-lasting performance, even in areas prone to spills and moisture.

Our anti-fatigue mats have ergonomic design and shock-absorbing properties that promote better posture and circulation, leading to improved well-being and reduced risk of workplace injuries.

All-Day Comfort and Support
Essential Ergonomics for Workers

Experience essential ergonomics for workers with our Heavy Duty Anti-Fatigue Mats, designed to provide all-day comfort and support.

These mats are ideal for environments where puncture resistance and longevity are essential, making them suitable for various commercial and industrial settings.

✅ Industrial facilities
✅ Warehouses
✅ Manufacturing plants
✅ Assembly lines
✅ Food processing areas

Boosting Comfort and Productivity

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Engineered with premium materials for long-lasting performance, ensuring you and your employees stay energized and focused throughout the day.

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