Gritstop Fingermat


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  • With over 2700 rubber fingers per square foot for superior scraping action
  • Gripper rubber backing minimizes movement makes the mat stays in place
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Gritstop Fingermat
Gritstop Fingermat
Gritstop Fingermat
Gritstop Fingermat

Gritstop Fingermats are heavy duty scraper mat that is suited to perform superbly in the worst heavy soil and snow environments. Over 2700 ruber fingers per SQ/FT. Perfect matting solution to reduce the amount of dirt and water entering your building. Offers superior scraping action to remove mud, dirt and snow. Gripper rubber backing minimizes movement on carpet or hard surfaces. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Scraper fingers and containment well perform in the worst heavy soil and snow environments. Good UV and ozone resistance. Good flexibility even in low temperatures.

Material Rubber
Face Style Finger Tip
Edging Yes
Application Commercial
Total Height 5/8"



Slip-Resistant and Tough
Long-lasting Rubber Material

Our Gritstop Fingermat is crafted from high-quality rubber, ensuring its resilience and durability even in demanding environments. With its slip-resistant surface, this mat provides a safe and secure footing for users.

The Gritstop Fingermat is designed to effectively remove dirt, debris, and moisture from shoes, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

Suitable for Various Environments
Reliable Mat for Different Areas

The ultimate heavy-duty scraper mat designed to excel in the toughest soil and snow conditions.

With over 2700 rubber fingers per square foot, it provides exceptional scraping action to effectively remove mud, dirt, and snow, ensuring minimal dirt and water enter your building.

✅ Banks and Financial Institutions
✅ Restaurants and Cafes
✅ Museums and Art Galleries
✅ Convention Centers
✅ Public Libraries

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