Flexi-Roll Carpet Mat 3 x 6
Flexi-Roll Carpet Mat 3 x 6
Flexi-Roll Carpet Mat 3 x 6
Flexi-Roll Carpet Mat 3 x 6

Flexi-Roll Carpet Mat 3 x 6


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Dollamur carpeted mats are trusted by athletes and clubs and are the same mats featured at national-level competitions! These practice mats are made with the same high-performance athletic sports foam and soft, yet durable, 26 oz. carpet. You can train on the same low-impact carpet that is used at professional training facilities and competitions worldwide.

Dollamur Carpeted Practice Mats are made with the same high-quality sports foam and soft, yet durable, 26 oz. carpet as our full-size competition mats. The FLEXI-Roll® feature makes set up and storage easy - just unroll to set up your own training area anywhere.

Dimensions: 3' x 6' with 1 - 3/8" thickness

Shipping lead time: 15-20 weeks

Ideal for boot camp, obstacle, cheer, and gymnastics training at home or on the go for extra padding for your training practice. Dollamur's FLEXI-Roll - Making set up, clean up, and transport easy while always maintaining performance.


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We urge you to carefully read and consider the product safety warning section that follows. It is included to increase your awareness of the precautions that must be enforced in your home, gym, or sports facility to reduce the possibility of injury.

Any activity involving motion, height, speed, rotation, and/or physical contact creates the possibility of serious injury, including paralysis and even death from landing or falling on the neck, head, back, or other parts of the body. This mat DOES NOT eliminate this hazard. Users assume a risk of serious injury in using this product. Users should strictly adhere to the following guidelines at all times:

  1. Use this mat ONLY with proper training and under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Use of this mat without proper supervision, proper training, proper spotting equipment, and/or trained spotters can be DANGEROUS and SHOULD NOT be undertaken or permitted.
  2. Always allow enough space to properly and safely perform the chosen maneuvers.
  3. Perform all maneuvers so as to avoid contact with instructors, bystanders, or other users, and to avoid going outside the perimeter of this mat.
  4. Inspect the mat prior to and after any use. Inspect the mat for damage, defects, or wear, including tears and flattening of the energy-absorbing materials. Additionally, mat protection may vary according to room temperature and age. Damaged products should be repaired or replaced immediately. If in doubt, do not use this product.
  5. Mats can move during use. Before each use always check the mat for proper positioning and ensure the mat is safely secured together. Read the owner manual before initial use.
  6. Know your own limitations and the limitations of this product. Follow progressive learning techniques and always consult an instructor.
  7. Frequently clean mats using Dollamur mat cleaning products or other disinfectants to prevent skin infections. DO NOT USE BLEACH.

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