Fatigue Fighter II Anti Fatigue Mats


The Fatigue Fighter II Mats provide premium comfort and great aesthetic in a long lasting and durable foam mat.

This two layer closed cell foam mat is made with an adhesive free construction that leads to their long lasting durability. A wear resistant and embossed vinyl top surface is polymerically integrated with a moisture resistant, closed cell vinyl foam cushion.

Combined with the durable beveled edges, these relatively heavy ½” thick double layer anti fatigue mats stay flat on the ground. This decreases tripping hazards and provide a smooth surface to surface transition.

Most importantly these mats provide superior comfort at workstations, the foam creates a slightly uneven surface which causes subtle movements of the feet throughout the day. This stimulates blood flow and decreases the effects of fatigue when compared to standing on cold hard floors, which causes constriction of blood vessels.

Material Vinyl
Backing N/A
Pattern Embossed wear
Construction  2-layer adhesive-free UniBond
Thickness 1/2"
Roll Width 2', 3', or 4'
Color Black/Grey
Edging N/A
  • Ideal for use at workstations.

Perfect for use at the following:

  • Industrial Applications
  • Nursing Stations
  • Pharmaceutical Counters
  • Hotel Check-In Counters
  • Pharmaceutical Counters
  • Retail Check-Out Registers
  • Customer Service Counters
  • Nursing Stations
  • Industrial Applications