Eyewash Station Mat
Eyewash Station Mat
Eyewash Station Mat

Eyewash Station Mat


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  • Ensures safety and compliance with highly visible industry standard colors
  • A quick and efficient solution for emergency eyewash and shower stations
  • Reliable protection and comfort during critical emergency situations

Our Eyewash Station Mat, the perfect safety solution for emergency response stations, including eyewash stations and emergency safety showers. This mat features beveled edges and a drainage system, ensuring personnel safety and preventing slips, trips, and falls during critical situations.

With its eye-catching green and yellow safety colors, this emergency eyewash station mat meets ANSI Z535.1 requirements, providing high visibility in critical areas. The elevated design with beveled ramp edging further enhances safety, while the waffle grid features ensure rapid drainage, keeping users above hazardous overflow.

  • Comes assembled and ready to use:
    Yellow beveled edging on three sides included on each 2x2 tile order
    Waffle grid drains fast, keeps surface dry and slip resistant
    3/4" thick

Industry standard colors:

  • Green center for eyewashes
  • Red Center for Showers
  • Yellow and Orange Centers available
Material Vinyl
Total Height 3/4"
    Slip and Trip Reduction: Gradual ramping at mat edges minimizes slipping and tripping hazards. Elevated Safety: Elevates users above hazardous spills, ensuring quick drainage. High-Visibility Compliance: Colors meet ANSI Z535.1 standards, signaling safety equipment locations and preventing obstructions. ANSI Z358.1-2014 Compliant: Adheres to visibility standards for eyewash stations. Durable Material: Made from chemical-resistant PVC for long-lasting use. Versatile Sizing: Comes in 5 sizes to fit any eyewash station setup. Ready to Use: Delivered fully assembled for immediate deployment.
    Safety Compliant and Reliable
    Chemical Resistant PVC Design

    Safeguarding your employees' well-being, this mat serves as a reliable protective barrier during chemical spills, offering quick and effective emergency eyewash solutions.

    Its specialized design allows for easy maintenance and seamless integration with eyewash stations, ensuring hassle-free implementation.

    Stay safe in slippery conditions with our Wet Area Safety Mats.

    Designed to provide reliable slip-resistance in wet and hazardous environments, our mats offer superior traction and stability for optimal safety in slippery conditions.

    Safety in Hazardous Environments
    Committed to Workplace Safety

    This mat is an essential addition to any emergency response station, including eyewash stations and safety showers.

    The beveled edges and drainage feature provide additional safety, preventing trips and falls while enabling swift water drainage.

    ✅ Emergency Response Stations
    ✅ Eyewash Stations
    ✅ Emergency Safety Showers
    ✅ Safety and Hazardous Material Handling Areas
    ✅ Chemical Handling Facilities

    Ideal defense against slips and falls

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