Dura Flex 800 Rubber Van Ramp Mats


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  • Textured surface for added traction and smoother transition from trailer-to-ground
  • Provides footing support to animals and handler
  • Perfect for moving animals in an elevated position
Dura Flex 800 Rubber Van Ramp Mats
Dura Flex 800 Rubber Van Ramp Mats
Dura Flex 800 Rubber Van Ramp Mats

Dura Flex 800 Rubber Van Ramp Mats provide a smooth transition from the trailer to the ground that is secure for animals and handlers. Their durable rubber construction makes these mats perfect ramps used by large animals, especially horses.

Getting on and off a trailer for large animals such as horses can be dangerous for both animal and its handler due to the slippery nature of commonly used metal ramps.

Traction is crucial to prevent slip and fall injuries and the Dura Flex 800 Rubber Van Ramp Mats provide just that - securing your footing and that of your animals while enabling a smooth transition from the trailer to the ground.

  • The trailer ramp mats are made out of 100% rubber.
  • Available in a standard 4’ x 7’ size.
  • Consumers can easily cut down these rubber mats to fit the size of their trailer.
  • Thickness: 8mm, ridges on these mats are 16mm high
  • These trailer mats come in a natural black rubber color
Reliable Stable Footing
Dura Flex 800

Dura Flex 800 Rubber Van Ramp Mats provide excellent traction for safe loading and unloading.

They offer stability and secure footing for a smooth trailer-to-ground transition.

Secured Loading and Unloading
Non-Slip Rubber Mat

Trust in the strength and reliability of rubber to enhance safety and protect.

The rubber material and textured surface prevents slip and fall injuries for both animals and handlers.

✅ Barns
✅ Warehouses
✅ Farms
✅ Zoos
✅ Animal Shelters, Clinics, and Hospitals



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