Dura Flex 120 Comfort Drain Runner Matting


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  • Swiftly and effectively eliminates water accumulation
  • Prevents hazardous slip and fall situations
  • Engineered to withstand demanding industrial environments
Dura Flex 120 Comfort Drain Runner Matting
Dura Flex 120 Comfort Drain Runner Matting

Dura Flex 120 Comfort Drain Runner Matting is perfect for use alongside pools, in commercial heavy traffic kitchens, or any space that requires light anti fatigue properties, surface level traction, and drainage.

The Dura Flex 120 is made out of 100% rubber that makes them resilient yet very comfortable under bare feet. The flexibility in the rubber combined with air pockets created by the unique construction on the underside, allows users to subtly move and adjust their feet throughout the day. This promotes a greater amount of blood flow through the vessels, keeping you more energetic.

The drainage holes along with the elevated surface, allow these mats to quickly drain and avoid accumulation of any water on the surface that can create dangerous slip and fall conditions.

These resilient and strong rubber mats will last a long time in punishing industrial environments.

Material Rubber
Backing None
Pattern Perforated 
Construction Molded construction
Thickness 10mm (3/8")
Weight 0.75 lbs/sq ft
Color Black
Edging N/A


  • Ideal for use in kitchens, pools, and wet environments.

Perfect for use at the following:

  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Workstations
  • Labs
  • Kitchens
  • Pools
Reliable Traction and Comfort
Premium Rubber Drain Mats

The Dura Flex 120 is made from 100% rubber, offering resilience and remarkable barefoot comfort. Its unique construction with air pockets enhances flexibility, allowing subtle foot movements all day.

This dynamic feature boosts blood flow, leaving you invigorated and energized.

Matting for Moisture-Prone Areas

The Dura Flex 120 Comfort Drain Runner Matting is expertly designed for various applications and spaces that require light anti-fatigue properties, surface-level traction, and efficient drainage.

Ideal for use in:
✅ Commercial Kitchens
✅ Warehouses
✅ Workstations
✅ Garages
✅ Labs



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