Custom Logo Coco Mats


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  • Coir matting that traps dirt and moisture while promoting your business
  • Long lasting inlaid logo mat will not fade away or get scraped off
  • Timeless material that offers a rich history dating back to the Victorian era
Custom Logo Coco Mats
Custom Logo Coco Mats
Custom Logo Coco Mats
Custom Logo Coco Mats
Custom Logo Coco Mats
Custom Logo Coco Mats

Customised Logo mats boost the image of any facility entrance - keep it clean and professional, create a modern and contemporary look, and promote your brand.

A popular material when it comes to entrance mats, coir matting has been in use as and popular demand for centuries. First gaining popularity as an opulent option in the Victorian era.  

Coco Logo Mats are versatile as they are popular - coir mats have the proven ability to scrape dirt and absorb moisture and with its inlaid process create a highly visible promotional tool for your business. Additionally, coir mats being a natural product and produced in a sustainable manner, is perfect to present an eco-friendly aesthetic at the entrance.

Custom sizes mats are produced according to the dimensions provided. If edging is selected as yes, the edging will be incorporated in the size provided. If no edging is selected, the mat will be cut to the exact size provided.

Please note that due to contraction and expansion of material with temperatures, there may be a variance of up to 1 inch.

All Standard size mats are produced with edging.

Shipping lead time: 6 weeks 

Pile material

100% machine-spun coconut fibre yarns
Backing PVC with integrated stability scrim
Primary backing -
Yarn construction Velour
Pattern Uniform
Colours 5
Pile weight ISO 8543 ± 2.65 kg m²
Total weight ISO 8543 ± 5.65 kg m²
Pile height ISO 1766 14 mm
Total height ISO 1765 17 mm
Pile density ISO 8543 NPD
Number of stitches ISO 1763 ± 38,000 /m²
Wearing class EN 1963 32
Comfort EN 1307 LC5
Suitabililty for stairs EN 1963 NPD

Suitability for castor chairs EN 985

Dimensional stability ISO 2551 NPD
Light fastness ISO 105 B02 Natural: >6
Water fastness ISO 105 B01 3-4
Rubbing fastness ISO 105 X12 3-4
Salt water ISO 105 E02 3-4
Shampoo BS 1006 3-4
Organic solvents ISO 105 X05 3-4
Absorption capacity TNO W6034 17 mm ± 7.1 l/m²
Flammability Euroclass EN13501 Efl
Slip resistance EN13893 DS
Static charge ISO 6356 2,0 kV
Declaration of Performance Available
Sizes rolls 200 cm
Roll length ± 12.5 m

Upload camera ready, high resolution products.

A vector format is preferred. Eg - .ai or .eps files.

Please note: complicated artwork is subject to approval. Inlaid (non-printing) process does not allow for complex gradients or complex colors.

Please note the preview on the website is not your final proof, we will send an electronic proof for approval after your order is submitted and before starting production on the mats.


Made To Last


Inlaid logos are cut out of solution dyed material and inset into a base mat where the logo shape has been cut out.

This creates a long lasting logo that does not fade unevenly or have its print scrapped off after years of use.

Durable with PVC Scrim Backing

Our coconut fiber mats are modern, sustainable, and durable. The PVC scrim backing ensures slip resistance for a safe and clean entrance. Ideal for environmentally conscious businesses seeking brand visibility.

Modern and contemporary look
Ecofriendly choice

Boost your brand's recognition and commitment to sustainability.

✔ Hotel, resorts and spa
✔ Restaurants and bars
✔ Shopping center, malls, boutiques or malls


Our team of professionals ensure that our mats can be made to fit the exact dimensions of your entrance. An oversized or undersized mats at your entrance can ruin the look of an impressive building, but our custom sized mats give it the perfect bespoke look.

Since we make them locally, we get your custom mats delivered fast!


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