Cushion-Ease Open Mats


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  • Provides exceptional safety and durability
  • Offers long-lasting fatigue relief and moisture or debris control
  • Enjoy easy installation and a professional finish with interlocking design
Cushion-Ease Open Mats
Cushion-Ease Open Mats
Cushion-Ease Open Mats

Cushion Ease Safety and high durable matting. Best Safety mats for commercial and industrial use. Cushion Ease Open Mats are perfect for any area with a need for moisture drainage, especially any food prep areas. The resilient rubber compound and unique support design offers long lasting fatigue relief, while the large holes in the mat keep moisture and debris away from the work floor. 


  • All Ramps lengths are beveled and molded with mitered corners and a protruding tab. The tab locks together the two adjoining ramps for a secure, professional corner.
  • For a square edge, simply cut-off the miter following the cut line on the bottom of the ramp.
Material Rubber
Construction Rubber compound with a large hold drainage design.
Face Style Anti Slip Texture
Face Fibre Rubber
Backing N/A
Edging Interlocking Bevelled Rubber
Application Food Prep / Indstrial
Sizes Available 3’x3’, 3’x5’
Custom Sizes N/A
Total Height 3/4"
Optimal Moisture Drainage
Durable Rubber Material

Step into the future of industrial matting with Cushion-Ease Open Mats. Crafted from a robust rubber compound, these mats are built to endure the challenges of commercial and industrial environments.

Perfect for moisture-intensive areas, the unique large hole drainage design ensures a consistently dry and safe workspace.

Beyond mere comfort, our Cushion-Ease Open Mats are the fusion of fatigue relief and efficient moisture drainage.

A Range of Suitable Settings
Comfort and Safety Combined

A perfect synergy of comfort and safety with our CUSHION-EASE OPEN MATS. Elevate your operational efficiency with flooring that not only combats fatigue but also ensures cleanliness and safety standards.

Best solution for moisture-prone spaces, keeping your workspace clean and secure.

✅ Commercial Spaces
✅ Industrial Facilities
✅ Food Preparation Areas
✅ Hospitality Environments
✅ Retail Counters

Ergonomics and Efficiency Unified

Anti-Fatigue and Efficient Drainage

Designed for rigorous industrial use, Cushion-Ease Open Mats redefine comfort and safety in moisture-heavy areas.


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