Crane Outrigger Stabilizer Pads
Crane Outrigger Stabilizer Pads
Crane Outrigger Stabilizer Pads
Crane Outrigger Stabilizer Pads
Crane Outrigger Stabilizer Pads

Crane Outrigger Stabilizer Pads


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Our high-performance Crane Outrigger Stabilizer is an indispensable companion for crane operations, meticulously designed to ensure optimal support and stability during crucial lifting tasks. Crafted with a moisture-resistant and non-swelling design, this pad delivers consistent performance across various weather conditions. Its superior impact strength guarantees enduring durability, establishing it as a reliable solution for prolonged use, while outstanding breaking elongation ensures resilience and stability under extreme loads.

Facilitating effortless maintenance, the non-stick surface promotes easy cleaning, preserving a professional appearance. Resilient against corrosion and chemicals, this pad thrives in challenging environments, offering longevity and reliability. Ideal for adverse weather conditions, it performs admirably outdoors, built to be durable, long-lasting, and cost-efficient. With a lightweight design for easy mounting and replacement, it streamlines operations and minimizes downtime.

  • Moisture-resistant and non-swelling design
  • Superior impact strength for long-term durability
  • Outstanding breaking elongation under extreme loads
  • Non-stick surface for effortless cleaning
  • Resilient against corrosion and chemicals
  • Ideal for adverse weather conditions
  • Durable, long-lasting, and cost-efficient
  • Lightweight for easy mounting and replacement
  • Resistant to rot, cracking, splintering, and moisture
  • Enhanced safety compared to wood-based pads
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Storage-friendly


      • Construction Sites: Ideal for stabilizing cranes during heavy lifting and construction activities.

      • Industrial Facilities: Ensures stability for cranes used in various industrial operations.

      • Commercial Buildings: Perfect for crane operations during construction or maintenance of commercial structures.

      • Oil and Gas Industry: Reliable support for cranes in oil and gas exploration and extraction sites.

      • Renewable Energy Projects: Essential for crane stability in wind or solar energy installations.

      • Infrastructure Projects: Supports cranes during the construction and maintenance of bridges, highways, and tunnels.

      • Marine and Port Operations: Ensures stability for cranes used in loading and unloading cargo at ports.

      • Power Generation Plants: Suitable for crane operations in power plant construction and maintenance.

      • Telecommunications Tower Installation: Provides stability for cranes involved in erecting and maintaining telecommunication towers.

      • Emergency Response: Useful in emergency situations where crane stability is crucial for swift and safe operations.

      Size 610 x 610mm (2' x 2')
      Thickness 40mm (1-5/8")
      45 degree load ton 12tons
      Vertical load ton 20tons
      Pad Weight 14.88KGS

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