Corrugated Switchboard Matting
Corrugated Switchboard Matting
Corrugated Switchboard Matting

Corrugated Switchboard Matting


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  • Offers non-conductive protection against electrical shocks
  • Engineered for optimal ozone, flame, and oil resistance
  • Offers maximum voltage protection 17,000 volts AC

Corrugated Switchboard Matting is made from non-conductive PVC and nitrile rubber. These mats are designed to protect workers from electric shock in areas with high voltage equipment such as electrical panels and circuit breakers.

Corrugated Switchboard Matting is a non-conductive 1/4" Nitrite rubber/PVC matting that was engineered to protect workers against electrical shock when working around high voltage apparatus within product specifications.  This matting is Type II, Class 2 with a recommended maximum voltage use of 17,000 volts AC.

This product meets optimal ASTM requirements of Ozone, Flame and Oil Resistance.

Material Nitrile Rubber and PVC
Face Style Ribbed
Application Commercial Areas
Custom Sizes Available
Total Height 6mm (1/4")
Roll Length 22.8m (75')
Linear Feet 2',3',4'
Type Type II, Class 2
Use Voltage Recommended Max 17,000 volts AC

2' 3.0 lbs/sq.ft. $24.60/LNFT
3' 5.0 lbs/sq.ft. $31.50/LNFT
4' 7.0 lbs/sq.ft. $56.40/LNFT  

Corrugated Switchboard Mating is available in custom cuts

Non-Conductive Composition
Blend of PVC and Nitrile Rubber

Discover the ultimate safety solution with our Corrugated Switchboard Matting, crafted from a specialized blend of PVC and nitrile rubber. This innovative material combination forms a non-conductive composition that acts as a powerful shield against electrical shock.

With its unique blend, it's an essential asset for those working near electrical panels and equipment.

Add extra protection and provide a barrier of electrical resistance with our Switchboard Mats.

Engineered to safeguard workers from electrical hazards, our matting provides a secure and insulated surface for peace of mind in industrial settings.

Ensuring Electrical Safety
High Voltage Safety Solutions

Designed to meet Type II, Class 2 specifications with a maximum recommended voltage use of 17,000 volts AC, our matting ensures workplace safety around electrical panels, circuit breakers, and more.

This matting acts as a protective barrier, minimizing the risk of electric shock in high voltage environments like:

✅ Electrical panels
✅ Circuit breakers
✅ Switchboards
✅ Power generation facilities
✅ High voltage equipment areas

Voltage-Proof Your Workplace

Switch Board Mats

Crafted with precision and adherence to safety standards, our mats significantly reduce the risk of electrical shock while providing a more comfortable and ergonomic surface with its anti-fatigue properties.

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