Comfort Zone Mats


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  • Anti-slip surface crafted from premium rubber ensures maximum grip
  • MicroStop anti-microbial properties actively combat bacteria and fungi
  • Large-hole system swiftly removes liquids and debris
Comfort Zone Mats
Comfort Zone Mats
Comfort Zone Mats

Comfort Zone Anti fatigue matting systems with slip resistant surface. Comfort Zone Matting is made from a solid rubber compound featuring a large hole drainage system and a textured top surface that facilitates drainage and minimizes slippage. Broad beveled borders on all four sides are an integral molded part of the mat reducing trip hazards and making it the perfect choice for applications where workers are moving on and off the mat frequently.

Construction Made from a solid rubber compound
Sizes Available 3' x 5'
Total Height 5/8"


Comfort Zone Mats are perfect for flexible configurations, some exposure to grease, oils & water, drainage and comfort, beveled edges for cart traffic, easy handling

Slip-Resistant and Drainage
Premium Solid Rubber Compound

Crafted from a Premium Solid Rubber Compound, our Comfort Zone Mats ensure durability and longevity. Their unique design boasts a slip-resistant surface, ideal for areas with frequent movement.

A comprehensive drainage system efficiently removes liquids, reducing slip hazards.

For workspaces that never stop, Comfort Zone Mats provide the consistent support and safety you demand.

Ultimate Choice for Dynamic Areas
Functionality and Protection

With its broad beveled borders further diminish trip risks, making it a top choice for dynamic workspaces.

Plus, the added MicroStop anti-microbial properties in the heavy-duty version guarantee a workspace that's not just comfortable, but also cleaner and healthier.

✅ Kitchen and food preparation areas
✅ Industrial workstations
✅ Assembly lines
✅ Bar and beverage stations
✅ Machinery operating areas

Navigating cold areas has never been safer.

Freezer Mats

From seamless drainage to anti-microbial protection, Comfort Zone Mats cater to the most dynamic of workspaces.


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