Carpet Mask

Carpet Mask


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Carpet Mask is the most effective way to temporarily protect synthetic carpets from damage during high traffic times. Carpet Mask is the choice of professional contractors, home builders and property managers. Carpet Mask is a tough, 2mil. linear low density poly-ethylene film with a solvent based adhesive applied to one side. The product is highly resistant to tearing and puncturing, stays in place, has a skid resistant surface and is easy to remove. They can be rolled on carpeted surface. These carpet masks are easy to use and remove.Ideal for hallways and stairs and can be used on all types of synthetic carpets. Carpet Mask is packaged in a wide variety of sizes to facilitate all types of applications. Maximum application time is 30 day


Material Polyethylene
Face Style Smooth (Clear)
Application Retail
Total Height 3 mil


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