Canucks Cargo Mat


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  • 100% heavy-duty vinyl with non-skid backing for durability and safety
  • Universal fit tailored to variety of vehicles for seamless protection
  • Shield your vehicle from spills and messes, make post-spill cleanup a breeze
Canucks Cargo Mat
Canucks Cargo Mat
  • The Canucks cargo mats are made from 100% heavy-duty vinyl construction with non-skid backing which ensures a durable and safe product
  • The mats have a universal fit, making them perfect for any vehicle, whether it is a car, truck, SUV, or RV
  • Perfect to protect your cars from any mess, and make cleaning your car after a spill easy
Sturdy, Safe and Versatile
Heavy-Duty Vinyl Material

Experience the best of both worlds with the Canucks Cargo Mat, crafted from premium heavy-duty vinyl for unparalleled strength.

Thanks to its universal fit, every drive radiates Canucks pride and unmatched durability.

The non-skid backing ensures your cargo remains in place, eliminating potential hazards. Spills? No problem. Cleanup is effortless, ensuring your vehicle remains pristine round the clock.

Enjoy a combination of style, safety, and superior quality every time you step into your vehicle with Canucks Cargo Mat.

Protecting your vehicle's interior is now a breeze, regardless if you drive a compact car or spacious RV.

No matter the vehicle – be it a car, truck, SUV, or even an RV – this mat provides a snug fit, making it the ultimate protective shield against dirt and spills.

Thanks to its universal fit, every drive radiates Canucks pride and unmatched durability.

Protection against spills and stains, right under your wheels

Garage Mats

Designed for durability and effortless style, our Canucks Cargo Mat turns any vehicle interior into a statement.


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