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Bubble Mats, a heavy duty anti-fatigue floor mat solution, is designed to give optimum comfort, avoid stress and prevent injury for a worker in the industrial workspace. After all, comfortable workers are happy workers, and happy workers do the best work. Made from natural and recycled rubber, the Bubble Mats are eco-friendly and contains 54% recycled content. Air cushioned and with a special solid rubber design, stimulates worker comfort and promotes product durability. This anti-fatigue mats allows fluid and small debris to pass through while keeping the matting surface dry and clean for maximum safety. The bubbles on the top and offset bottom allow for maximum air circulation enhancing the ergonomic qualities. Bubble mats come with integrated bevelled edging.

Material Rubber
Face Style Domed Top (Solid)
Edging Yes
Application Industrial - Medium to Heavy
Sizes Available 2' x 3', 3' x 4'
Total Height 5/8"
Total Weight 9 lbs (2' x 3'), 18 lbs (3' x 4')

Not just providing safety and comfort in an industrial set-up.

Used for

  • Skating
  • School Gyms
  • Fitness Centers