3M Safety-Walk 3200 Wet Area Matting
3M Safety-Walk 3200 Wet Area Matting
3M Safety-Walk 3200 Wet Area Matting

3M Safety-Walk 3200 Wet Area Matting


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  • Offers slip-resistant, oil-resistant, and comfortable walking surface
  • Offers traction and cushioned support while allowing smooth foot and cart traffic
  • Durable, flexible, and easy-to-clean

3M Safety-Walk 3200 Wet Area Matting is a durable, oil-resistant, all-vinyl floor mat that offers a slip-resistance, comfortable walking surface for barefoot traffic with its open, continuously patterned surface. Safety-Walk 3200 is durable, flexible, made from vinyl and easy to clean/maintain. Its open construction allows liquids and small particles to pass through the mat, providing a safer, drier surface to walk on. 

3200 Wet Area Matting II features a Z-web surface that improves traction and helps provide cushioned support - reducing leg and back fatigue. Safety Walk Wet Area Matting is a low profile matting which minimizes interference with foot and cart traffic. For use in wet areas to provide a slip-resistant, comfortable walking surface for barefeet. Used in food service and industrial applications for slip resistance and anti fatigue. (not recommended as entryway walk off matting).

More Information
Material Vinyl
Construction All Vinyl Non-Woven Continuous Filaments Bonded Together
Face Style Z-Web
Backing No
Edging Add-On
Application Wet Area
Total Height 0.2"
Total Weight Minimum 6.25 lbs. / sq. yd.

Barefoot-Friendly Surface
Slip Resistant Z-Web Vinyl Design

Experience safety and comfort with our 3M Safety-Walk 3200 Wet Area Matting, featuring a slip-resistant Z-web vinyl design.

Crafted to deliver exceptional performance in wet areas, this matting ensures a secure footing with its continuous patterned surface.

Stay safe in slippery conditions with our Wet Area Safety Mats.

Designed to provide reliable slip-resistance in wet and hazardous environments, our mats offer superior traction and stability for optimal safety in slippery conditions.

Designed for Wet Area Protection
Cushion and Drainage Support

The 3M Safety-Walk 3200 Wet Area Matting combines unparalleled cushioning and drainage capabilities, offering a premier solution for environments exposed to water and liquids. Designed with an innovative open pattern surface, it facilitates quick drainage, keeping walking areas dry and safe.

Featuring a Z-web surface for improved traction and support, this mat reduces leg and back fatigue, making it ideal for varied applications. Durable and easy to clean, it's the top choice for maintaining hygiene and comfort.

✅ Pool Surrounds
✅ Shower and Locker Rooms
✅ Saunas and Spas
✅ Marine Decking Areas
✅ Food Service Prep Areas

Ideal defense against slips and falls

Wet Area Safety Mats

With an ergonomic design, these mats offer unmatched comfort and support to keep your employees productive and safe.

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