3M Safety-Walk 1500 Wet Area Matting
3M Safety-Walk 1500 Wet Area Matting
3M Safety-Walk 1500 Wet Area Matting

3M Safety-Walk 1500 Wet Area Matting


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  • Features textured solid top for improved traction and easy cleanup
  • Offers reliable slip resistance and cushioned support
  • With its open and porous design, the mat allows water to drain through

Safety Walk 1500 Wet Area Matting with its continuous coiled vinyl design helps provide cushioned support that is evenly distributed across the bottom of the shoe, reducing leg and back fatigue. Not just an anti-fatigue matting, Safety-Walk 1500 is for use a comfort cushion for bare feet while allowing water to drain through the matting. In short, 1500 Wet Area Matting provides antifatigue comfort while collecting dirt and draining water. Safety-Walk 1500 Wet Area Matting is an unbacked, nonwoven, open and porous matting made from continuous vinyl filaments. Textured solid top helps improve traction and allows debris and liquid to stay on top of the mat for easy cleanup. 1500 Wet Area Matting coils are permanently fused to the top surface and will not delaminate or separate when wet like foam mats. Safety Walk Wet Area Matting provides heavy ramp edging recommended to prolong the usable life of mat.

Material Vinyl
Construction All Vinyl Non-Woven Continuous Filament Bonded Together
Face Style Vinyl Looped
Backing Unbacked
Edging Add-On
Application Wet Area Matting
Sizes Available 3' x 50' Rolls
Custom Sizes Available
Total Height 0.41"
Total Weight Minimum 3.3 lbs. / sq. yd.
  • locker rooms
  • shower areas
  • around saunas
  • Not recommended in kitchens or greasy, oily areas
  • Custom Cut Sizes are available in 3' width priced at $50.99 per Linear Feet

Easy Water Drainage
Continuous Coiled Vinyl Design

Experience superior comfort and safety with the 3M Safety-Walk 1500 Wet Area Matting featuring a continuous coiled vinyl design. This innovative mat provides cushioned support that evenly distributes pressure, reducing leg and back fatigue.

Its non-woven, open and porous construction ensures easy water drainage and efficient dirt collection, making cleanup a breeze.

Stay safe in slippery conditions with our Wet Area Safety Mats.

Designed to provide reliable slip-resistance in wet and hazardous environments, our mats offer superior traction and stability for optimal safety in slippery conditions.

Suitable for Poolside and Spa Areas
Reliable Slip Resistance in Wet Areas

Ideal for wet areas, the mat allows water to drain through, keeping the surface dry and slip-resistant. The textured solid top enhances traction, preventing slips and falls, while the heavy ramp edging prolongs the mat's usable life.

Not just an anti-fatigue mat, it's specifically engineered for barefoot comfort, making it ideal for poolside and spa areas.

✅ Locker rooms
✅ Showers
✅ Pool areas
✅ Spa and sauna rooms
✅ Water parks and recreational facilities

Ideal defense against slips and falls

Wet Area Safety Mats

With an ergonomic design, these mats offer unmatched comfort and support to keep your employees productive and safe.

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