Wet Step Mats
Wet Step Mats
Wet Step Mats
Wet Step Mats
Wet Step Mats

Wet Step Mats

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Wet Step mats provide slip resistance and ergonomic benefits in wet areas.

Slip-Resistant & Safe – Drainage holes allow water to freely drain away; certified high traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
Comfortable – 1/4” high-density nitrile foam provides excellent anti-fatigue properties and feels great to bare feet
Clean – Anti-microbially treated to help prevent odors and degradation; mold and mildew resistant; anti-fungal
Durable – Nitrile rubber foam is UV resistant and lasts considerably longer than PVC (vinyl) foam
Easy to Clean – Can be autoclave sterilized, commercially laundered, or washed by hand


Size Approx. in.

Approx. Item Weight (lbs.)

17” x 24”

17 x 24


2' x 3'

24 x 35


3' x 5'

35 x 60


3' x 10'

35 x 120


3' x 20'

35 x 240


Recommended for use in wet areas where additional slip-resistance is needed - locker rooms, showers, and around pools and spas. Also recommended for use in medical settings such as operating rooms and scrub areas.

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