Viper 2000 Poly-Plush Entrance Mats


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  • Effective and economical option for moderate traffic levels
  • Great indoor mat to absorb moisture and keep it off your floors
  • Durable vinyl backing for traction and floor protection
Viper 2000 Poly-Plush Entrance Mats
Viper 2000 Poly-Plush Entrance Mats
Viper 2000 Poly-Plush Entrance Mats
Viper 2000 Poly-Plush Entrance Mats

Viper 2000 Plush Olefin mats are a great economical option for any indoor entrance, to keep dirt and excessive moisture out of the building. The mats also ideal for creating a walkway in the building, effectively keeping the surrounding floors clean and safe.

The relatively low pile height of these mats prevents them from being an obstacle to any foot or wheeled traffic.

The leveled cut pile allows for high degree of absorption, as well as effective hiding for dirt and debris. PVC Backing allows for extra support and decreases the movement of the mat to provide prevention against slip and fall injuries.


Level cut pile

Fiber Content


Pile Weight

510 g/m² (15 oz/yd²)

Total Weight

2.98 kg/m² (0.61 lb/ft²)


Pvc Vinyl


3.42 kg/m² (0.70 lb/ft²)


3', 4', or 6'

Roll Length



  • Ideal for store fronts, office entrances and most medium to low traffic covered areas.

Perfect for use at the following:

  • Hospital
  • Apartment Building
  • Stores
  • Offices
      Durable with PVC vinyl backing
      Made with absorbent synthetic fibres

      CM Viper 2000 Poly-Plush Mats are low profile entrance mats made from tufted yarns combined with a PVC vinyl backing.

      These classic mats are ideal for indoor commercial entrances with low to medium foot traffic.

      Fit for Different Needs
      Multi-Purpose Matting

      Highly economical with their low cost and strong performance choice. In addition to the high value for a low cost, these mats are attractive when featured in entrances and walkways.

      ✅ Hospitals and clinics
      ✅ Building entrances
      ✅ Retail stores and boutiques
      ✅ Malls and shopping centers

      Made to Impress

      Entrance Mats

      Experience the perfect combination of style and functionality with our flagship entrance mats. These mats are made with top-grade materials that not only create an aesthetically pleasing entrance but also excel in keeping areas clean.


      Our team of professionals ensure that our mats can be made to fit the exact dimensions of your entrance. An oversized or undersized mats at your entrance can ruin the look of an impressive building, but our custom sized mats give it the perfect bespoke look.

      Since we make them locally, we get your custom mats delivered fast!

      entrances graced and elevated by Mat Supplier Group

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