CM Viper Ribbed Runner Matting


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  • Offers reliable traction and slip resistance, ensuring safety in high-traffic areas
  • Built to withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain its performance over time
  • Traps dirt and moisture, preventing them from being tracked onto floors
  • Larger sizes and quantities may require some additional handling time
CM Viper Ribbed Runner Matting
Viper Narrow Rib Rubber Matting
Viper Narrow Rib Rubber Matting
Viper Narrow Rib Rubber Matting

The viper ribbed runner matting is perfect for any commercial or industrial building with a need for matting that provides added traction for safety.

These mats protect the floors by providing an extra layer padding between it and any falling objects, along with the regular wear and tear from both foot and wheeled traffic. The thin rubber layer will provide a small level of shock absorbency, effectively protecting the floors and any machine parts that may fall on the floor.

For higher grade of protection for these parts, consider a thicker anti fatigue foam mat such as our cushion soft anti fatigue mats.

The ribbed runners are also highly effective at securing the ground for any foot or wheeled traffic, as the corrugated rubber allows for added friction in the midst of minor spills or leaks in the area.

Material 100% SBR Rubber
Backing None
Pattern Ribbed, 1/32" apart
Construction Molded construction
Thickness 1/8"
Roll Width 4'
Weight 0.7 lbs/sq ft
Color Black
Edging N/A
  • Ideal for use in warehouses.

Perfect for use at the following:

  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Workstations
  • Labs
Reliable Traction
High-Quality 100% SBR Rubber

Crafted with high-quality 100% SBR rubber, this durable and resilient material provides reliable traction and slip resistance, ensuring ultimate safety in any environment.

The ribbed design enhances grip, making it perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic.

Protecting Floors in Busy Spaces
Reliable Safety for High-Traffic Areas

Designed to deliver reliable safety and protect your floors, these mats are a must-have for various commercial and industrial spaces.

For bustling office environments, our Ribbed Runner Matting offers an ideal solution to safeguard your floors from heavy foot traffic.

✅ Retail stores
✅ Office buildings
✅ Schools and educational institutions
✅ Hospitals and healthcare facilities
✅ Airports and transportation hubs

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