Indoor Matting that will have your Commercial Premises Covered

What is the purpose of indoor matting? Many would suppose the answer is pretty obvious—keep floors clean and protected and to improve the appearance of spaces.

There is no doubt those are the primary reasons to get indoor mats—for protection of floors and for keeping your premises looking clean and professional. However, it does not end there. Depending on their use, indoor matting serves various purposes. It can help drain out liquids and fluids, making an area safe for the people who walk or work there. Drainage Mats and Rubber Runner Matting would be case in point. Displaying the company’s logo and brand assets is another purpose, in which case Custom Logo Mats are the answer. If you have jobs that involve long durations of standing, then Anti-fatigue Mats would prove to be a relief for employee feet. Workshops and work areas that host expensive machinery and parts could reduce damages and costs by using a shock absorbent flooring such as a Rubber Runner Matting or Anti-fatigue Mats. For aesthetics, we have the warm eco-chic vibe of Coir Matting and Runners as well as the plush carpet look of Nylon and Polypropylene Mats and Runners. For entrances and lobbies, Entrance Mats with good scraping, absorption, and dirt concealing qualities will help keep the entrance area looking plush and professional. Urinals and washrooms would benefit from the placement of Urinal Mats.

As you can see, indoor matting is much more than just about keeping indoor floors clean and a business premise looking good. Indoor mats serve a wide range of functions inside of premises. Let’s take a look at the various kinds of indoor mats that we stock on Mat Supplier.

Indoor Entrance Mats

Indoor Entrance Mats have to keep floors clean and protected as well as look good as they sit inside premises. These mats are made from highly absorbent materials that soak up moisture as people walk into your lobby, keeping floors dry and reducing slip and fall dangers. Since they act as door mats, they also have good scraper capabilities that scrape dirt and mud off shoe soles and help prevent it from tracking inside your building. Finally, indoor entrance mats have fiber depth that helps hide the scraped dirt, taking it down to the bottom and out of plain site of visitors.

Synthetic Fiber Indoor Entrance Mats are either made purely or in combinations of nylon, polypropylene, and polyamide. These mats have a tufted plush look that goes well with upscale lobbies. We even have Vinyl Back Coco Entrance Mats for an eco-chic vibe. We have indoor mats for all kinds of budgets, whether you are looking for high end or economical mats. The mats can also be ordered in custom sizes.

Indoor entrance mats are even more effective when combined with outdoor entrance mats outside the front door to catch chunks of mud, ice/snow/moisture, and debris.

Indoor Custom Logo Mats

Indoor Custom Logo Mats are a great way to put your branding at your entrance where it is visible to all visitors. They can help increase brand recall. Custom logo mats can also be used to print instructions, directions, and mark areas to help visitors when navigating your premises. This is in addition to keeping floors clean as well as extending their lifespan, of course.

Indoor Drainage Mats

The main purpose of Indoor Drainage Mats is to allow water and fluids to pass through, ensuring a clean, slip-resistant surface. Most indoor drainage mats are made from rubber or PVC materials that provide padding and hence anti fatigue properties. Employees whose jobs involve long hours of standing in wet areas will benefit most from these mats. Since these mats are predominantly used in wet areas, they have some microbial properties to help contain spreading of germs and prevention of mold and mildew build-up.

With benefits such as anti-fatigue padding, elimination of slip and fall hazards, traction, hygiene and much more, indoor drainage mats are ideal for use in commercial kitchens, alongside pools, in warehouses, production facilities and any other wet area.

Anti Fatigue Mats

Unforgiving and cold hard floors in offices, workshops, and warehouses can cause constricted blood flow to the legs and fatigue.

Our Anti-fatigue Mats provide a flexible surface to stand on, promoting slight movement throughout the day to encourage blood flow to the legs, which leaves the user less fatigued, more energized. In one mat, anti fatigue mats help improve productivity, boost comfort levels, and safeguard the overall health of users over time.

In warehouses and commercial kitchens, anti fatigue mats make the area considerably safer by allowing liquids to sit below the surface. This decreases the chances of slips and falls.

Indoor Runner Matting

Indoor Fiber Runner Matting is ideal in larger spaces such as hospitals and hotels, where large amounts of traffic walks through the premises on a regular basis. In these kinds of large traffic areas, it is tough for a single entrance mat to pick up all the dust, dirt, and moisture at the door. Runner floor mats add that additional flooring that help keep the floor clean and safe.

Strategically placed indoor runner mats can also help guide traffic through the building and significantly decrease the wear and tear on floors. They help reduce cleaning costs and slip and fall hazards.

Indoor Rubber and Heavy Duty Runner Mats

These mats serve multiple purposes in various areas. They can be used in commercial kitchens, alongside pools, in warehouses and production facilities, in places where there is expensive machinery.

These runners provide a wide indoor floor coverage and offer benefits such as anti-fatigue padding, elimination of slip and fall hazards, traction, hygiene, and much more. Production facilities, with oils, chemicals, grease and fluids spills, benefit most from heavy duty rubber runner matting. 

Urinal Mats

Urinal mats help keep public washrooms safe and clean. These mats help absorb liquid to keep it off your floors and thus reduce the amount of work for your janitorial staff. Since there are no unattended spills on the floor, there is no odor either.

These urinal mats are best used in pubs and bars, stadiums, hotels, movie theatres, restaurants, and any public venue with a large number of patrons. They also work very well in offices that have large staff numbers. Once used, the mats can be disposed and replaced, making it even easier to keep washrooms clean and hygienic.

How many of the above types of indoor matting does your office, workshop, retail outlet, store, hotel, restaurant or eatery need?

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