Custom Cut Coco Mats

Made from 100% natural coconut husk fiber, our coco entrance mats are exceptional scrapers that provide a unique look and exceptional scraping abilities at any entrance. Get the natural look and make a great first impression at your building. Easily buy online today from our large selection of mats or contact us for wholesale pricing!

Coco Entrance mats give you the best of both worlds, an amazing eco-friendly aesthetic combined with an effective scrapper and viper. Coir fiber mats have the highest absorption rate when it comes to natural fiber mats, and their coarse nature keeps most dust and debris out of your hotel lobby or office building.

We custom cut our Coco Coir mats to ensure a perfect fit of these beautiful mats in a recessed well at your entrance, wall to wall inside your main door. The mats can also be edged and used in standalone applications.

With warehouses close to Seattle and Atlanta, we have all of America covered with our fast and free shipping options. Most products are delivered within a few days to major cities such as: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, Denver, Boston, & San Diego. All other parts of the country are also covered.